Or when your child turns his nose up at every meal you make or when she clings to your leg, crying every time you go to birthday party?

If you answered yes, you're in the right place.

It's like, you want to make the right parenting move, but you are constantly asking yourself NOW WHAT? during all of those hard parenting moments.

But now...
​➡ You are ready to remain calm and confident during those hard parenting moments.
You are dedicated to finding what works with you and your family.
You are open to trying new things repeatedly and consistently.
You believe parenting takes work and things change as we learn more.

You are ready to have strategies in your toolkit that you can access anytime when you are struggling to think of what to do next when you have a hard parenting moment:

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*Module 1: My Child Won’t Listen (Greenlight Behavior). Now What?

*Module 2: My Child Is Whining (Yellow Light Behavior). Now What?

*Module 3: My Child is Hitting, Kicking, Biting, Throwing (Redlight Behavior). Now What?

*Module 4: My Child Won’t Go to Bed. Now What?

*Module 5: My Child is in the Middle of a Tantrum. Now What?

*Module 6: My Child Won’t Eat. Now What?

*Module 7: My Child is Scared/Anxious. Now What?

*Module 8: My Child Prefers One Parent. Now What?

*Module 9: My Child Gives Up Easily. Now What?

*Module 10: My Child Won’t Play Independently. Now What?

*Bonus Module: Some Thoughts on Screen Time